Pupil and Sports Premium

P.E. & Sport 2016-2017

At St John’s we aim to provide a curriculum that will improve pupils’ skills and confidence in a range of sporting activities that include Gymnastics, Games, Athletics, Swimming, Dance and Outdoor Education. We are incredibly proud of the time and money that we commit to teaching our children to swim; especially due to our seaside location, and we know that this is something that parents are highly supportive of. We also make the most of our beautiful coastline here in Dorset and take part in Windsurfing, Sailing and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding at the OTC on Portland. At St. John’s we offer our staff regular opportunities to develop their P.E./Sport subject knowledge and encourage them to attend P.E. CPD as well as utilise sports coaches to develop and improve staff skills and understanding of particular areas of the P.E. curriculum. This year our staff have already attended the ‘Imoves’ dance course and also the ‘KS1 Gymnastics’ training.

For the academic year 2016-2017 we have also been part of the Wey Valley Primary-Secondary Sports partnership which has provided us with P.E. CPD for teachers, festivals, events for ‘more able and gifted’ pupils and access to a range of different sports and P.E. opportunities. We are also a member of the Ridgeway Sports Association and take part in the events organised by this organisation across the academic year, including the Summer Athletics event that takes place at St. Osmund’s and gives our children the chance to compete against pupils from across the county. Both the Wey Valley Sports Partnership and The Ridgeway Sports Association are organisations that we sign up to as a member each academic year and there is an annual cost involved in this. 

The school has been represented recently in Football, Golf and Swimming. There have been some notable successes which were very pleasing, although we encourage everyone to enjoy sports activities at their own standard and we value personal progress very highly at St John’s. In 2017 we were thrilled to win the Nash Football Cup! Our boys’ team triumphed; beating many teams from local schools and displaying superb teamwork and good sportsmanship in the process. Our Girls’ football team also did well; getting to the semi-finals of the Nash Cup competition. That we did so brilliantly in this football competition is a real achievement for us as we are a small school (one–form entry) and we have not won this cup for 23 years! We are so proud of the achievements of our pupils and are grateful to Nathan Scott (football coach) for his excellent weekly football coaching at Football Club as this had a big impact on the football skills of our teams this year. We have also done very well in Swimming competitions this year, despite being a small school, and this is a testament to the many hours of swimming tuition that we provide for our pupils. 

The school has also benefited from superb links with the P.E./Sports Department at Weymouth College and this year we have benefitted from after-school Multi-Sports club for KS1 (2 weeks), Tennis coaching, Multi-skills coaching, after-school Multi-Sports club for KS2 (12 weeks), Sports student placements at St. John’s, Year One Multi-Sports session, Year Three and Four Sports festival. In addition to this Ben Heath and his students run our KS2 Sports Day each year. We are so grateful for all of the wonderful sports coaching and many fantastic opportunities that the College provide us with and we know how much our pupils benefit from these sessions. 

We have visiting sports coaches that deliver high-quality P.E. sessions during the school hours and that also provide after school clubs. Our Sports clubs for this year include; Dance Club, Rugby Club, Multi-Sports Club, Cricket Club, Netball Club and Football Club and these are offered to different age ranges to ensure that all children can participate. We are thrilled that we have been able to offer some free clubs and subsidised clubs using our Sports Premium money as this successfully widens and encourages pupil participation. 

Dance is an integral part of the creative curriculum and features heavily in our creative ‘Cornerstones Curriculum’. At St John’s a variety of dancing is introduced e.g. Contemporary, African, Streetdance, etc. The school takes part in local schools’ festivals and performances. Many of the dances created are also performed in assemblies or at church as part of the worship. 

Sports Premium Funding information:

In April 2013, the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport announced new funding of £150 million to support the delivery of P.E. and school sport. Funding has being allocated to all state-maintained secondary, primary, middle and special schools (including non-maintained special schools), academies and pupil referral units with primary-aged pupils. This sports funding has continued each year since 2013 and this has benefitted our school enormously.

We receive £8000 plus £5 per pupil (covering pupils in Year 1-6) and we are allocated this money in two instalments, one which we received in October 2016 and the second in April 2017. 

Sports Premium Spending:

We are using our Sport Premium Funding in 2016-2017 to improve the quality of P.E. and Sport provision at St. John’s in the following ways: 

  • Providing cover staff in order to release teachers for professional development in P.E. and Sport, e.g. to attend training courses.
  • Hiring professional sports coaches to teach the children different sports during curriculum time and to lead after-school clubs. This year we will use sports coaches/teachers for Football, Dance, Rugby and Netball.
  • Supporting Sport tournaments, festivals and competitions for pupils of all ages. This year our children will have taken part in Football, Young Sports Ambassador Training, Golf, Swimming, Watersports, Hockey, Dance, Rugby and Athletics.
  • Subsidising the cost of hiring Weymouth Swimming Pool and lifeguards so that every year group can undertake a programme of swimming. (Parent contributions are used towards paying for transport to the pool).
  • Supporting Outdoor Education by subsidizing visits to Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre and ‘Sail-for-a Fiver.’ We have also taken part in Stand-Up Paddle boarding and Windsurfing at the OTC on Portland.
  • Developing young Sports Ambassadors (Bronze level) in Key Stage 2 through partnership with the Wey Valley Sports Partnership. Their role is to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles throughout the school. They are then equipped to develop into Silver or Gold level ambassadors in Secondary school. The young ambassadors also take on a leadership role in supporting our KS1 sports day.
  • Developing links with Weymouth College’s outstanding P.E. department through after-school workshops, multi-skill sessions, coaching in P.E. lessons and supporting KS2 Sports Day.
  • Purchasing more sports equipment for use during P.E. lessons and to encourage/support children to take part in physical activity at playtimes/lunchtimes.
  • Maintaining equipment and resources at a safe standard.
  • Subsidising the cost of after-school clubs so that all children are able to attend these and take part in regular physical activity/sport. We have also offered Football club for free to pupils in KS2 this year and hope to continue this next year as it has improved participation in Football for both boys and girls at St. John’s.
  • Subsidising the cost of Sport/P.E. educational trips such as our recent ‘Clip and Climb’ experience at Bournemouth Pier for our KS2 children.
  • Paying the annual membership fees to enable us to be part of the Wey Valley Sports Partnership and the Ridgeway Sports Association.